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may 7,2020 - launch

Today is the day! Something I have been thinking about, working on and obsessing about for almost two decades, is finally taking shape. I am launching my first children's book, We Can Do This Together. This story came together about a month ago in the midst of our world's current situation with the global pandemic. I'm sure, like many households, everyone is dealing with a lot of emotions and feelings associated with the stay-home recommendations our governments have implemented. My house is a very full house, which is a blessing. Five people spanning three generations, of which two are students, two entrepreneurs, plus two pets and a hectic kitchen situation. Is anyone else experiencing constant cooking and food prep 24/7? It has been an overwhelming adjustment at times, with all of us under one roof having to stay home and continue with regular routines. There have been amazing moments of togetherness, but there have also been tense moments of trying to process different emotions and feelings. If I am feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, trying to manage how my daily routine has flipped upside down. Then I'm sure my teenager is also having a hard time dealing with the sudden changes to her routine. Then, I got thinking about the youngest members of our communities and how it could be alarming for them to get new or heavy feelings. Especially in uncertain times, with the news and talk around the house focused on the worldwide outbreak of a new virus. And it makes people sick, some really sick. To our little ones, this would sound very scary and confusing. They need to know it's alright to have these feelings, and we are going to have good days and bad days. But it is essential to check-in and acknowledge everything that may be going on. So, I wrote this story to help kids of all ages connect with some of those feelings and to know it's okay to have them. As well, to highlight the many people in our communities who are working hard to keep us safe. We need to stay home for those that are out there on the front-lines helping the sick or stocking our store shelves. I am not trained in any way to provide professional advice to deal with mental distress. I am merely providing some insight based on my own personal experiences. Whether it has been helping my own child adjust and work through a tough time with the new school format. Or assisting my Mother-in-law with modern technology to connect to family and friends. We are living in a funny world, but it's our world, and we need to take care of it and the people on it. My aspirations in writing this book are to show how we need to focus on the positives in our lives, how we should listen to our feelings and how we can do this together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Stay safe everyone.

xo, pam

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