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may 21, 2020 - inside out

It has been two weeks since I published my first book, We Can Do This Together, on Amazon. I am so grateful for everyone's support and kind words of encouragement!! This whole process has been a learning experience for me and has taken me outside of my comfort zone. I touch on this theme in my book as the characters adjust to the THING hanging over their world. "Everything I do, I now do differently." And "All this different is making me feel upside down, inside out, backwards." A new THING, whether it is a job, a change of schools, a shift to your family dynamic, or a global pandemic, can really shake up regular routines. And this change can reveal uncharted emotions.

I have been on a roller coaster of change for the past two years. Epic experiences intertwined with unfortunate tragedy. Giving me feelings of white-knuckling fingertips barely holding on. And the next moment hands are above my head, and I am screaming with the thrill of it. And all this 'different' has left me feeling inside out.

Currently, the THING that has brought the most change to my schedule has been launching a children's book. Creating something personal, learning how to publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), joining social media, and promoting my book has left me feeling quite visible. Which, as my family and friends would confirm, is not a space I am most comfortable in.

Since my paperback has been available for sale, I have been holding my breath. Hoping I had not made any significant errors during the publishing process with KDP. You see, I had not physically seen a copy of my paperback until two days ago. That must sound strange, but this is the route I took to publish my book, which left me feeling extra exposed until I was able to hold my final product.

I know right now our current world's new normal is leaving us all feeling notably different. Our children, our ageing parents and ourselves are all feeling it. And it is extra challenging to manage everyone's emotions during such an unpredictable time.

How are you dealing with these fluctuations and the overwhelming feelings that may be accompanying them?

I have learned to shine a light on the positives in my life. They are all around me, and I am blessed. I highlight the littlest things I usually take for granted and reconsider the unbearable circumstances that someday may seem purposeful. Meditation and getting outdoors have become part of my daily practice. I have also learned to rely on my circle of family and friends more. It is okay to expose your inner thoughts and troubles. Get it out into the open. Share your journey. Let it breathe.

And sometimes maybe just turn the music up loud and have a dance party in the middle of your kitchen!

My hope is that you can cope with the THING in your life that makes you feel inside out. That you understand, there will always be a THING that will shake up your predictable routine. Whether you are a young one or someone who has had a few more trips around the sun than most, it is essential to tackle whatever this may be. Know that you are more significant than what you worry about. Bigger than what brings you unrest. And know it is alright to feel what you are feeling.

Now go step outside of that zone, into the new, and feel inside out.


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